The Reaxing product line is enriched by a wide range of innovative tools conceived for functional training.

Innovation is the keyword, as everything is based on a cutting-edge technology, innovative material choices, unique finishing and design. The “Shock Absorber System Technology” reduces the impact on the surfaces, thanks to the combination of chemical, physical and elastic properties of cross-linked polymers and the “air shock” devices provided. Thanks to the above mentioned technology, this entire range of products (including Kettlebells and Bodybars) have a “soft impact” when dropped on the floor, quickly going back to their original shape, thanks to the elastic behavior of the material.


RX1169 – KG.2
RX1119 – KG.4
RX1120 – KG.6
RX1121 – KG.8
RX1122 – KG.10
RX1123 – KG.12
RX1124 – KG.140


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