The fluid oscillation of water unpredictably destabilizes any movement performed on the floating board.Your training turns out to be unpredictable, effective and fun

I was immediately impressed by Reax Raft, because it’s versatile and easy-to-use. Right away, I started thinking about new and original training programs on water. The water motion effects generated by the person training next to you also adds to the unpredictability. The sudden interferences operate with mutant intensity, forcing the athlete’s body and mind to react to each one of the interferences. The particular non-slip surface gives comfort and more grip, allowing the user to train upright or lying down. It can be used for personal training or group activities. Setting up a class is “piece of cake”, as well as dismantling it, thanks to the unique Reax Raft anchoring system. This system is suitable for any indoor and outdoor pool.


Length  200cm | 78,71″

Width 90cm | 35,43″

Height 15cm | 5.91″

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