A new way to train to react. Train your senses, improve your reactivity, boost your performances, get the highest calories burning and reduce the risk of injuries. It’s the new frontier of Functional Training Equipment

Reaxing is the first company in the world to develop a training methodology and a product range exploiting the “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology. Reaxing training is the first and only method in the world based on the gradual release of monitored impulses, through light, sound and tactile stimulations and/or sudden motor interferences. The athlete or the patient is forced to activate quick neuromuscular reactions. This unpredictability boosts training performances to a much higher level in terms of quality and quantity. As a consequence, sports performances improve, as well as metabolic activity, muscular responsiveness and reliability of post trauma recovery, while reducing the risk of injuries Reaxing training is versatile and easily customizable in terms of endurance and strength. These features make it suitable pretty much for everyone.

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The CAPABILITY to react to sudden and unpredictable impulses has never been trainable at the gym, up to now. Reaxing is the only methodology in the world that trains your senses and improve your performances

The progressive estrangement of human life from nature, and consequently from its unpredictable essence, gradually transformed our motor habits over time. Our ancestors were most certainly used to move on uneven surfaces, in environmental circumstances barely predictable. Until a few years ago, training was conceived to split workouts one muscle group at a time, using traditional gym equipment. The problem is that, in real life and in sport, our body never activates just one muscle at a time. This is why training has been reshaped, finally bringing us to Functional Training, which is a poly-functional muscular training. Yet, sport and real life activities create impulses much more different from those reproduced at the gym. The habit to react to sudden and unpredictable impulses was never trained at the gym, up to now. Reaxing is the only methodology in the world to train your senses and improve your performances.

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There are three Reaxing keywords: Sudden, Dynamic and Impulse. our objective is to train your senses to improve your performances

To understand what’s missing in our traditional way of training is quite easy: what’s missing is the unpredictable element that instead is always present in our everyday life and in our sport of choice. This is the reason why we selected three keywords to better explain the core of Reaxing Training and to achieve our goal: to train your senses to improve your performances.

It’s one of our keywords as it introduces the unpredictable effect inside our training method, integrating what normally happens in real life and during sporting activities. When we run into an unexpected hurdle while walking or we face an opponent tackle during a match, we are expected to activate neuromuscular reactions with no prior notice. Now think of your regular training: did you ever experience something like that in your everyday workout?

Life and sport are dynamic. Imagine lifting a 20-pound child; now imagine lifting a 20-pound kettle bell. No wonder it is different. The baby moves, without telling us when and how. Therefore, we are forced to activate neuromuscular reactions while we perform the movement. Try the difference and verify by yourselves how much higher the neuromuscular activity gets.

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It’s the last keyword of the new frontier of functional training. Unpredictably generated impulses is exactly what we need in order to train our senses, to improve reactivity, flexibility and neuromuscular responsiveness. According to each individual motor goal, Reaxing Training recommends two different types of impulses: light, sound and sensory stimulations, generating voluntary and conditioned motor responses (when the traffic light is green, our body moves forward), and interferences or alterations, generating unintentional and spontaneous responses (when we hit an obstacle, our body involuntarily reacts to keep balance).


Stimulate your eye sight to improve performances, reaction times, balance and lateral vision

Sight is one of the senses that gives us confidence and control while performing any movement. Temporary reducing our sight due to a strobe or blinding effect makes our gestures over-complex. By doing that, other senses activity is amplified and neuromuscular responses increase. The moving perception of our own body channels all somatosensory vestibular and visual information, in every possible way. Reaxing method provides three difficulty levels of training. You can train in full vision, with your full visual capability; in strobo vision, reducing your visual capability with specific glasses, according to your wished frequency, or in zero-vision, totally blinding your sight with a dedicated eye mask (the highest difficulty level you can reach).

Athlete play with reax Chain tool on Full Vision

Sight is one of the main senses used by our body while performing a given movement. Full vision is the easiest way to train with Reaxing, keeping full visual capability during the movement.

Athlete with Temporary reducingvisual capability by stroboscopic glasses

Temporary reducing your visual capability is possible by wearing specific stroboscopic glasses. An appropriate setting allows the user to reduce the visibility for a given time and frequency. Reaxing Training becomes more complex and fosters reactivity as well as lateral or peripheral vision.

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Wearing a specific eye mask allows the user to blind his or her sight for the whole exercise. This method brings the training to an even more complex level, due to the combination of zero-vision difficulties and sudden interferences typical of Reaxing.


when a training method has a clear logic behind it, it’s easy to notice the results

We won’t have to struggle to make you understand how Reaxing Training produces better results than traditional training. That’s because logic is on our side. Combining this essential fact to all the testing we conducted to prove our thesis right, we can definitely state our results and our theories are confirmed. It’s time to react!

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The increased neuromuscular activity causes an increased metabolic activity in the same time frame.

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The extra brain activity needed to process and manage unpredictable impulses, as well as the considerable muscle activation, guarantees improved performances.

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Training to react to interferences or sudden impulses improves reactivity, reducing at once the risk of injuries.


Thanks to its customized programs, Reaxing Training is suitable for everyone, from children to adults, from pro athletes to beginners

Kids, elderly, pro athletes and beginners can use the Reaxing method for regular training activities or motor rehabilitation in post-trauma recovery. The modularity, the adjustable intensity and number of impulses make Reaxing method suitable for all tastes: Reaxing training is for everyone! Let’s train to react!

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Reaxing INCREASES retention and helps achieving OPERATORS PRIMARY business objectives

Reaxing training is versatile and customizable. Thanks to these features, it can be easily implemented in Fitness Clubs, High Performances Centers, and Rehab studios. Some products and training programs are suitable for swimming pools, expanding the services offering of pool centers as well as hotels and resorts. Reaxing training is particularly effective for proprioception and skills development. This makes it perfect for schools specific programs and activities, treating kids’ motor skills development.

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