Press Release

April 2016


Thinking, moving, reacting, resting and training are Reaxing verbs.

The Reaxing behavior comes across when we drive our emotions to a proactive and positive direction. At least once in a lifetime, everyone must get back on his feet after a fall. Disappointments, difficulties and bad days reallyput a strain on our physical and psychological balance. As for every intelligent animal, these interferences should trigger our sense of reaction, which should be able to restore our balance and our adaptability. After any failure, adjustments, emotional awareness and control of our perceptions will bring us self-confidence. That’s how we learn to handle our next challenges in a rational and quick way.

Reaxing finds its roots in the idea that every day we’re exposed to unpredictable situations. The ability to react is the cornerstone of everyone’s psychophysical well-being. When something unexpected occurs, we are expected to react with our body and mind. These two entities are strictly connected. We receive information from our senses, then our central nervous system integrates them. Biomechanical, biochemical and biophysical reactions define our body wellness.

What about you? Are you ready to React? It’s time to change.


Reaxing is the first company in the world to develop a training methodology and a product range exploiting the “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology.

Reaxing training is the first and only method in the world based on the gradual release of monitored impulses, through light, sound and tactile stimulations and/or sudden motor interferences. The athlete or the patient is forced to activate quick neuromuscular reactions. This unpredictability boosts training performances to a much higher level in terms of quality and quantity.
As a consequence, sports performances improve, as well as metabolic activity, muscular responsiveness and reliability of post trauma recovery, while reducing the risk of injuries.

Proprioception and sensory (sight, hearing, touch) stimulation during every motor gesture forces the neuromuscular system to react in ever shorter periods. This is exactly what we were looking for. Now we can finally learn how to respond properly to sudden motor alterations that may happen in everyday life and sporting activities.
According to each individual motor goal, Reaxing Training deals with two different types of impulses: light, sound and sensory stimulations, generating voluntary and conditioned motor responses (when the traffic light is green, our body moves ìforward), and interferences or alterations, generating unintentional and spontaneous responses (when we hit an obstacle, our body involuntarily reacts to keep balance).

Reaxing method provides three difficulty levels of training. You can train in full vision, with your full visual capability; in strobovision, reducing your visual capability with specific glasses, according to your wished frequency, or in zero-vision, totally blinding your sight with a dedicated eye mask (the highest difficulty level you can reach).

Reaxing training is versatile and easily customizable in terms of endurance and strength. These features make it suitable pretty much for everyone.

Reaxing training is easy to explain. It’s an effective cutting-edge methodology. It’s safe, fun, user friendly and is easily customizable. It’s basically suitable for everyone. Kids can use it to develop basic fine motor skills Adults can use it in fitness clubs. Athletes can use it in high performances centers Physiotherapists can use it in rehabcenters to speed up their patients’ recovery.

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