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Milan, 09 May 2018

REAX RUN - Real Running

“Reax Run is the first revolutionary patented treadmill which simulates hiking and cross country running, thanks to its
exclusive technology”.

Reaxing is pleased to announce the launch on the market of the Reax Run.
The Reax Run was born from the observation that in real life we often move on non-flat and predictable surfaces.
When the monotony of running or walking on a flat surface is interrupted by sudden variations in planarity, with inclinations on the frontal and lateral axle of the support surface, it changes profoundly the neuromuscular activation and the biomechanics of the movement.

The Reax Run is the only treadmill in the world capable to reproduce an “off- Road” running experience.

The inclination of the belt varies unexpectedly in all directions.
The unpredictability generated by the Reax Run is produced by specific programs with variable intensity that are
highly customizable according to the user’s characteristics. The runner is totally unaware of the direction, frequency,
speed and intensity of the interferences that have been set in the program. He will be forced to remain focused and
react from the neuromotor point of view
step by step just as it happens when walking or running on irregular natural

The Reax Run revolutionizes the running training experience and fits perfectly also in all training programs for fitness lovers, in post-trauma functional recovery programs and in strength and conditioning preparation for specific sport disciplines. The Reax Run on the one hand improves reactivity, proprioception and neuromotor activity in working sessions, on the other hand, thanks to the unpredictable instability, activates a metabolic activity higher than the traditional treadmill. More specifically it:


The Reax Run is a unique product for functionality, design and technology:

SPEED from 0.6 mph to 15.5 mph (from 0.1 Km/h to 25 Km/h) for challenging races
BELT WIDTH 28.7 (73cm) for a maximized running space
15’’ TOUCHSCREEN with a simple and intuitive interface
FRONTAL INCLINATION: +/- 11% for captivating uphills and downhills
LATERAL INCLINATION: +/- 14% to reproduce “off-road” paths
16 EDITABLE PROGRAMS for training
CONTROL APP clear and fast, which improves every user’s experience

The possibility to differentiate each training session allows users to establish increasingly effective and motivating programs in order to meet the needs of all users. The progression from simple to difficult depending on the needs and abilities of the athlete, allows trainers to plan specific workouts in the post-trauma rehabilitation phase.
The training console is designed to improve the user’s experience and to create a unique training experience able to satisfy different fitness objectives. The trainer can design, build and upload customized sessions for every single user by means of a dedicated interface.
The special Live program allows the trainer to modify in real time both belt movement and speed, in order to respond to his athletes’, clients’ or patients’ needs.
In the post-traumatic rehabilitation phases the Reax Run is an integral part of the active recovery. The intensity and amount of interferences are modulated, in order to help activation and conditioning of the muscle groups involved, contributing to neuromuscular control and functional re-education of the movement.


Reaxing is the first company in the world to develop a training methodology and a product range exploiting the “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology. Reaxing training consists in releasing gradual and monitored sudden motor impulses, forcing the athlete to activate quick neuromuscular reactions. This unpredictability boosts training performances to a much higher level in terms of quality and quantity. As a matter of fact, sports performances improve, as well as metabolic activity, muscular responsiveness and reliability of post trauma recovery. Reaxing training is versatile and easily customizable in terms of endurance and strength. These features make it suitable pretty much for everyone. Reaxing product range can be used in several training activities. Due to its features, it can be easily implemented in Fitness clubs, High Performance Centers and Rehab studios. Some products and training programs are also suitable for swimming pools. Reaxing offer has been enriched by some innovative tools: Reax Lights, “the clever lights”; Reax Chain, “the mutant weight”; Fluiball, “the water ball”; Reax Raft, “the floating board”. All these tools represent the newest fitness trends on the market and turn your training into a highly
functional and fun performance.



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