Press Kit


We have the pleasure of enclosing our press kit.

We would like to introduce you to Reaxing, the rst company in the world to develop an innovative training methodology, the Reaxing Training, based on the Sudden Dynamic Im- pulse technology and a wide range of equipment.
This kit includes the following press releases:

• Reaxing, wellness beyond
• Reaxing Training: the new frontier of neuromuscular training • Reax Board: an incredibly “smart” oor
• Reax Balance: the Buddy Board
• Reaxing Tools: premium solutions for functional training
• Reax Lights: train your reactivity
• Fluilift: lift the unpredictable
• Reax Chain: the rst dynamically unpredictable weight
• Fluiball: the water ball
• Reax Raft: unpredictability on water